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Metal Nunchaku
  • Approximately 10.25" Handles 
  • 1" Diameter
  • Machined grips
  • Strong Metal Construction
  • 1 pound 11 ounces
  • High Quality Ball Bearing Chain
Rp 69.000

Do wood or rattan nunchaku shatter from the power of your strikes? Do you want something that can deal devastating blows without requiring you to go online and purchase a replacement? The answer to your dilemma comes from the ninja forges deep within our wearhouse: our very own Solid Aluminum Alloy Nunchucks. Weighing almost a pound and a half, these shiny metal nunchucks hold mighty destructive power within them for you to decimate your foes.

With machined grips carved into the 10" solid metal handles, this heavy metal nunchaku will stay in your hand as you swing, whip, and strike with force. The ball-bearing chain swivel not only allows your durable aluminum chucks to move smoothly, but also has a shiny chrome finish that matches the aluminum very nicely.

Grab yourself a pair of Aluminum Alloy Nunchaku and become the whirling metal ninja you've always dreamed of being.