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Exclusive Browning Survival Knife

- Bahan bilah: Stainless steel (baja anti karat)
- Material Gagang: Stainless steel dilapisi Kayu
- Berat Pisau: 120 g
- panjang keseluruhan: 20 cm
- panjang bilah: 8,5 cm
- panjang gagang: 11,5 cm
- Dilengkapi jepitan
- Di bagian tengah bilah ada ukiran tembus kepala kijang yang unik dan bagus (lihat photo)

Rp 199.000

Browning knives are trusted by hunters and outdoorsmen the world around. Whether you are looking for a folding pocket knife, a survival knife or a hunting knife - knives from Browning are exactly what you need. Browning pocket knives are great for everyday carry, while their hunting knives are perfect for field dressing game. Browning uses only high quality blade material in the knives that deliver the best value to you and longevity. Browning knives will stay sharp longer and therefore are more reliable for you in the time of need.