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  • 27 November 2016
    Ten guiding principles of blade combatives. Whether you’re a student of the blade, or simply a prepared citizen seeking knowledge, I believe the following principles will enhance your studies and more importantly, enhance your survivability.
  • 10 December 2016
    President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly but carry a BIG stick” as a way of expressing his foreign policy. For President Roosevelt, his big stick was the American Navy; for you, the “big stick” needs to be exactly that: a big stick. Not just any big stick, but what I consider to be the BEST big stick.
  • 10 December 2016
    When it comes to tactical gear, what you choose to wear and use in terms of body armor, pouches and kit usually changes constantly, depending on your mission, terrain and climate. Just because your kit and set-up worked for one trip doesn’t mean it’ll work all missions. Once you get on the ground and start operating, you may find yourself changing out what you use and wear at the start of your next deployment, in order to match your mission and surroundings.